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Supporting Young Entrepreneurs through GSEA
September 10, 2018

As community involvement and entrepreneurial growth is at the heart of EO Edmonton, we’re proud to be a part of, and contribute to The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, or GSEA. While our involvement on a Global scale is to foster and support student entrepreneurs from all Alberta Schools, we recognize that Edmonton has some amazingly talented and innovative thinkers and leaders. While we continuously strive to create impact on our community, we encourage more young student entrepreneurs to take part in the competition, and hopefully grow their businesses and experiences.

We’re confident that the next Google, the next Amazon, or the next Tesla like idea exists within our community. As leaders within the entrepreneurial world, we’re here to support that.

For more information on GSEA, visit our Programs page here: https://eoedmonton.com/programs/ Or contact our Chapter Manager to be directed accordingly.