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January 13, 2020

As a new dawn, a new day, and a new decade begins, I’m sure that we can all agree that there’s a refreshed feeling of excitement within all of us for what’s in store. Not only the next year, but also where the next ten will find us. Looking towards a bright future, it’s reflective to glance back to see what we’ve accomplished, experienced, and shared in together over the last decade. While there’s been a mountain of events, speakers, experiences, impactful conversations, and leaders at the helm, here’s a few highlights and milestones accomplished.


Our dedicated and esteemed list of Presidents include:

  •  2009-2010       Dwayne Pohranychny
  • 2010-2011       Jared Smith
  • 2011-2012       Richard Pierson
  • 2012-2013       John Trapp
  • 2013-2014       Kevin Lang
  • 2014-2015       James Keirstead
  • 2015-2016       Paul Ingram
  • 2016-2017       Cory Janssen
  • 2017-2018       Darcy Braun
  • 2018-2019       Jim Ward
  • 2019-2020       Ken Jurina


Giving back to not only our local membership, but that of EO Globally, Edmonton has been dedicated to the overall leadership of our organization over the last decade.

  • Blair Assaly as EO Global Chairman
  • 17 EO Members have contributed to the Regional Council
  • 52 different Members on the EO Board in last 10 years


We’ve had the privilege of hearing and learning from Leaders, Athletes, Icons, Astronauts, Survivors, Adventurers, Criminals, Rockstars and more. Here’s some speakers to name a few:

 Nando Parrado, John Spence, Gino Wickman, Jesse Itzler, Gian Paul Gonzales, Rick Mercer, Gene Simmons, Molly Bloom, Chris Hadfield, Richard Branson, Marnie McBean, Peter Diamandis, Richard & Linda Eyres, James Lawrence (the Iron Cowboy), Clara Hughes, Jerry Greenfield (Ben & Jerry’s), Sean Tuohy (the Blind Side), John Furling, CEO of 2010 Olympics; Michael Uslan (producer of Batman films); Warren Rustand; Anthony Zuiker (creator of CSI) Frank O’Dea (Second Cup), Amanda Lindhout, Marc & Craig Kielberger, Alan Miltz, Cameron Herald, Mark Moses, Michael Walsh, Jim Treliving (Boston Pizza), Commissioner for CLF (Mark Cohon, Lance Armstrong, Donald Trump Jr, John Stanton (Running Room), Frank Abagnale (Catch Me if You Can)


Our members have contributed and attended a variety of events: Global Universities, Anniversaries, Summits, Retreats, Parties, Learnings, Networking, Once in a lifetime Experiences, including:

  • Canadian Conferences in Whistler, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax & Victoria.
  • Banff Global University.
  • EO Edmonton’s 25th Anniversary.
  • GLC’s around the globe.
  • The Level Up Summit.
  • Chapter Retreats to:  Banff, Germany & Las Vegas.
  • Multiple Family Christmas Parties.


As a new program EO Accelerator was started in 2011 by John Radostits, to help newer Entrepreneurs to grow, both in knowledge and revenue.

  • 20 EOA to EO Graduates since 2011
  • 74 Entrepreneurs through the EOA Program
  • 43 EO Mentors/Coaches for Accountability Groups


In an effort to further support young entrepreneurs, EO Edmonton has provided both Mentorship, and funding through GSEA.

  • 6 Years running with 6 University Students having won GSEA in Edmonton
  • 1 student placed 2nd at Nationals


Over the past ten years, EO has facilitated a total of 130 Mentorship pairings for our members, placing Mentees with a mix of tenured EO members, YPO members, and WPO members.


We’re extremely fortunate to have accomplished and experienced so very much with all our Members, Strategic Alliance Partners, and Community over the past decade. Looking forward to all that’s in store over the next ten years!