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EO Accelerator

What is the Accelerator Program?

Accelerator is experiential, entrepreneurial education based on an annual calendar year. Through the following education methods, you will be able to demonstrate the application of the content through annual deliverables:

QUARTERLY LEARNING EVENTS – A series of quarterly events focuses on four core areas: Strategy, People, Cash, and Execution.

ACCESS TO EO MEMBERS AND BUSINESS BEST PRACTICES – The classroom experience is supplemented with a mentorship component, as well as networking and social gatherings which create a thriving and supportive entrepreneurial community.

PEER NETWORK – The peer network allows for the collaborative application of learning and a peer support for business and personal challenges.

  • Entrepreneurs who are running high growth or high impact businesses
  • Business revenue between US$250,000 & US$1 million
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready to “own their own experience”
  • Entrepreneurs who take responsibility for their personal and business growth
  • Entrepreneurs who aggressively seek out resources
  • Entrepreneurs who are driven to achieve the US$1 million metric
  • Entrepreneurs who are driven to become EO members within 3 years
  • Entrepreneurs who are committed to learn & grow
  • Entrepreneurs who embrace the values of EO


With a Mentor

Our Chapter is proud of the outstanding tradition we have had with our Mentorship Program.  Each year this is one of the highest rated and most valued of all EO experiences. Those that have participated cannot say enough about how much value they have received from the Mentor they have been paired with.  And for many, the relationship with their Mentor has endured and has continued to provide value.  Note:  Must be an EO Member to participate.

Next to Forum, the Mentorship Program is the best rated program in the Chapter. For those who have not yet benefited from the program, you will be paired with a highly engaged and seasoned Mentor who will meet with you during the year. The engagement is driven by you, the Mentee, who will be called upon to lead the process, including scheduling meeting times and locations as well as areas for discussion.  The insights, perspectives, guidance and direction you will receive will be invaluable.

Note:  Must be an EO Member to participate.


Any EO Member can apply to be a Mentee in the Program.

Contact our Chapter Director Lorinda Muloin (lorinda@eoedmonton.com) for an application

Contact our Chapter Director Lorinda Muloin (lorinda@eoedmonton.com) to get involved as a Mentor.

All Mentees must attend a 1/2 training session provided by EO Edmonton.  This is a facilitated training provided by EO at no cost to the EO member and is a critical tool that will aid all Mentees in driving the Mentorship process.


The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

The premier award for undergraduate students (pursuing a bachelor’s degree) that own and run businesses while attending a ​college or university

GSEA is not your typical business pitch competition. We do not look to compete with other business competitions around town but to broaden and enhance the student’s entrepreneurial experience. This competition is not about who has the largest and most successful business, but which student has the drive, stamina and passion to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Our qualifications are simple:  we are looking for students (undergraduate/graduate) who have been operating a business for a minimum of 6 months, have secured either $500 in revenue or $1,000 in venture backing and are responsible for the operation of their business.

In Canada, the GSEA Competition is hosted by EO Canada.

For more information and application contact EO Canada:  https://eocanada.com/student-entrepreneurs/


With the Spouse & Life Partner Forum

What is Spousal Forum?

A structured supported environment which allows EO spouses to receive the benefit of their peer’s experiences and insights. It operates exactly like the members’ Forum and provides a completely confidential structure in which you can capitalize on the experiences that your fellow EO spouses have to offer.  To reiterate, Spousal Forum is Forum. It should (and does) operate on the same principles as all Forums within EO.


Anyone who is married or common-law with an EO Edmonton member.

For more information on joining an SLP Forum, contact our Chapter Director Lorinda Muloin (lorinda@eoedmonton.com) to be directed accordingly.

Forum groups meet monthly for 10 months, September till June.

The meeting length varies from forum to forum, however on average approximately 3-4hr meeting