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TELUS Health Care Centres provides their clients with a refreshingly unique approach to preventative primary care. Each of our clients receives a thorough health assessment every year as part of their health surveillance and early detection program. If you are part of one of our ongoing care programs, your multi-disciplinary team will work with you throughout the year to optimize your physical, psychological and brain health. Our clients enjoy rapid access to their team, appointments that start on time and that they get lots of time. In addition to our core wellness programs, you can also add on physiotherapy, psychology (stress, mood, anxiety, sleep etc) and neuropsychology (memory and cognition, concussion, neuropsych evaluations, ADHD etc) to ensure that you enjoy optimal health across all health dimensions. You don’t have to be enrolled with us to tap into these additional services. We have programs for individuals, families and for businesses of all sizes. We look forward having you as a client.


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