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The 2020-2021 EO Edmonton Board

Tony Bright


Tony has been an EO member since 2007.   This is Tony’s second go round on the EO Edmonton board. He is serving as Forum Chair this year.  Tony is in the investment management business.  He is a partner with Connor Clark & Lunn Private Capital.

“EO has helped me on my journey in many ways!  From the learning, and experiences I have had, to spending time with a fantastic group of business owners.  It is my privilege to help our local chapter with this role on the board!”

Dwayne Pohranychny

Mentorship / WEO

Dwayne has been an EO Edmonton member since 1999.  Dwayne previously served on the EO Edmonton board and was the Chapter President in 2009 -2010.  Dwayne is a founder and managing partner of APP & Associates LLP, a Chartered Professional Accounting firm based in Edmonton.

“What you put into EO is what you get out of EO!  I have lived by this motto since joining EO in 1999, I cannot say enough about EO it has made me a better Entrepreneur, Spouse, Father and Leader.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20+ year EO journey and look forward to many more years.”

Candice Rookes


An EO member since 2012, Candice is the Co-Founder and Operations Partner of Recruitment Partners Inc., a Professional Employment Search Firm.  Candice has been a board member since 2015, beginning with Accelerator Chair and is the current Membership Chair.  Candice is focused on ensuring the EO Edmonton Chapter continues to grow through the recruitment of quality new members.

“EO has been vital to my personal growth and equally invaluable to me as a business leader.  I have had the opportunity to interact with local business leaders, become acquainted with amazing entrepreneurs around the world, take my business to new levels and more importantly make life-long friendships.”

Rob Marusin


As the CEO and founder of Armour Insurance Group, an Alberta General Insurance Broker, Rob joined EO in 2013. Serving as this year’s Membership Chair, Rob is focused on bringing on new diverse EO members to ensure a vibrant growing chapter.

“EO has given me the kick in the pants to get out of my comfort zone and challenge my thinking. I have gained perspective and wisdom through the shares of my peers which otherwise would take lifetimes to acquire”

Matt Aubin


Starting his EO journey through the Accelerator program, Matt’s been a part of the EO Organization since 2013. As the Founder of KEEN Group, Matt’s corporate passion exists in the Creative, Design, Marketing and Visual Communications Industry.

“Although, EO has been a major contributor in my growth as an Entrepreneur, Husband, Parent, and Friend, I think that largely, it’s also given me a place to feel sane. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, and having an outlet to share with a group of amazing peers that understand and relate to the challenges, has been huge for me.”

Luke Williamson


Luke has been a proud EO member since 2013, and a previous graduate of Edmonton’s Accelerator program.  This is Luke’s second year on the EO Board.  He is the founder and President of Accurate Network Services.

“EO continues to open up a whole new world and way of thinking for me.  Having a group of peers that are like-minded and share many of the same successes and challenges as me is truly liberating.  As a board-member, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has offered me so much value over the past 5 years”

Lyndon Decore


Lyndon was an EO member from 2003 to 2009, and then rejoined again in 2013.  He is co-founder of Osprey Resorts Inc., operating tourist resorts in Jasper and Banff National Parks.   Lyndon is focused on improving the EO experience for all members.

“EO has been such an incredible experience for me that I joined twice.  I never cease to learn, discover fresh ideas and become inspired by people in the EO network.”    

Ryan Collins

Strategic Alliances

Ryan has been an EO member for 4 years and is the CO Owner of Collins Steel, a structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in such an exciting organization that has provided to me some of my coolest life experiences. The trust and respect I have forged with many terrific people through my forum experience is over and above what I ever could have expected. EO has really opened my eyes to more effective ways to communicate with my peers. I’m always excited about what my EO future has in store.”

Neil Sumaru

Community Engagement

Neil has been an EO member since 2012 and is the owner of The Garbage Man.  This is Neil’s 2nd year on the EO Board.

“Entrepreneurship has been a way of life for me before I even realized what it really meant. I didn’t grow up with much so I was constantly looking at how to do things better, faster, and make money.  Through EO I have meet like-minded peers, heard rich experience shares, and had many “A-ha” moments.  I have discovered a higher sense of confidence in the the leader, father, entrepreneur and human that I am. As a result, I feel a huge sense of both pride and humility in being a member, serving on our local board, and being a regional expert for EO Canada”.

David Hole


David has been an EO member since 2009. This is David’s first year on the board and will be serving as Accelerator Chair. His entrepreneurial experience has been focused in the areas of medical transport and commercial development.

“EO has been a great organization to meet and be inspired by other like minded entrepreneurs. It continues to be a part of both my business and families growth.” 

Cameron Johnson


Born and raised in rural Northern Alberta, I moved to Edmonton to go to University and chase my Entrepreneurial dreams. My partner and I have owned and operated the California Closets brand in Alberta since 2004

“I was accepted into the Edmonton EO Chapter in 2016 and I can’t say enough about the learning trajectory and friendships I have gained.”

Lorinda Muloin

Chapter Manager

Lorinda has been Chapter Manager of EO Edmonton since 2008.  She works with 12 Board members and 4 Accelerator Committee members and assists them with accomplishing their strategic goals, provide member value, and ensure the health of the Chapter.

Michelle Antonyshyn

Events Manager

Michelle has been a member of the EO Edmonton management team for 2 years as events manager.  She is responsible for the planning of all EO Edmonton events for the coming year.