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The 2023-2024 EO Edmonton Board

Luke Williamson


Luke has been a proud EO member since 2013, and a previous graduate of Edmonton’s Accelerator Program.  Luke has served on the EO Board for the past five years.  He is the founder and President of Accurate Network Services.

EO continues to open up a whole new world and way of thinking for me.  Having a group of peers that are like-minded and share many of the same successes and challenges as me is truly liberating.  As a board-member, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the entrepreneurial community that has offered me so much.”

David Hole

President Elect

David has been an EO member since 2009. This is David’s third year on the board and will be serving as President Elect and will be focusing on planning for the 2024-2025 EO year!  His entrepreneurial experience has been focused in the areas of medical transport and commercial development.

“EO has been a great organization to meet and be inspired by other like minded entrepreneurs. It continues to be a part of both my business and families growth.” 

Richard Pierson


An EO Member since 2007, Richard founded: Famous Toys- children’s toy wholesaler, Halloween Alley- Halloween retailer, and most recently purchased Samko Party Services- wholesaler of toys to corporate Christmas parties. Richard has served the EO Edmonton Chapter in various Board Positions including Education, Forum, Membership, President, and Past President roles. Richard has also served on the EO Canadian Regional Council.

“EO continues to push me out of my comfort zone. My Peers inspire me to be my best! My Forummates help me get up when I fall down. Sharing our experiences is the most powerful tool I have in my life.”

Stacy Nehring


An EO member since 2018, Stacy is the owner of UTV Canada Inc, a Powersports Parts and Accessories company. This is Stacy’s third year on the board, previously acting as Member Engagement and Forum Chair.

“EO has been a safe place for me to share and grow as a business owner, spouse and friend.  EO allowed me to confidently purchase the business outright from my family and was instrumental in making that transaction a smooth and happy one.”

Sean LeLacheur


With a passion for entrepreneurship and a diverse portfolio of businesses under his leadership, Sean brings a variety of experience to the EO Edmonton board as Co-Membership Chair.  As a dedicated member since 2015, he is thrilled to be serving his first year on the board and looks forward to contributing to the Edmonton chapter in any way he can to drive continued success for the organization.

“I am constantly motivated by the drive and determination of my fellow entrepreneurs, their passion for growth and success has been a catalyst for my own business and personal development.  I am a better person thanks to my forum mates over the years, and I am forever grateful for that.”

Heather Stewart


Heather has been a proud EO member since 2018 and this is her second year on the board serving as Forum Chair. She is very passionate about the Supply Chain industry and is the President and owner of BBE Expediting Ltd.

“EO has opened up a network of entrepreneurs for me who add tremendous value to my life.  I am grateful for my forum and wouldn’t be the same person without them. Serving on the board is a privilege and wonderful way to give back to an organization that has done so much for myself and my family.”


Ted Kouri


An EO member since 2019, Ted Kouri is the Founder and President of INCITE, a consulting firm that works with clients in the areas of strategy, communications, brand, and mergers & acquisitions. Ted joined the EO Edmonton Board in 2023.

“EO has been a valuable organization for my personal and professional development. Entrepreneurs share a drive to make things happen and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from and with my fellow business owners as we work to make a positive difference for our colleagues, clients, and communities.”

Joseph Billett

Member Engagement

Bryan Smith


Bryan joined EO in 2016, shortly after completing a few years in Edmonton’s EO Accelerator Program. Bryan is the Founder and President of Bluetrain, an enterprise-level digital marketing agency. This is Bryan’s first year on the EO Board in the Accelerator Chair role.

“EO has had a major impact on both my business and my personal life through amazing learning opportunities, accountability to self improvement, and feeding off the inspiration of the amazing peer network. I can confidently state that without EO my business practices, my leadership, and my family dynamics would all be diminished from where they are today.”

Chad Helm

Strategic Alliance Partnerships

Craig McEwan

Mentorship & EO+

Lorinda Muloin

Executive Director

Lorinda has been Chapter Director of EO Edmonton since 2008.  She works with 12 Board members and 4 Accelerator Committee members and assists them with accomplishing their strategic goals, provide member value, and ensure the health of the Chapter.

Michelle Antonyshyn

Events Manager

Michelle has been a member of the EO Edmonton Team for 5 years as events manager.  She is responsible for the execution of all EO Edmonton events for the coming year.